Chat in Izmir

20/03/2019 Travel

Three Turkish women

Camel talk

19/03/2019 Travel

Two Egyptian police officers on camels in Cairo.

Camel rider

18/03/2019 Travel

Camel rider at Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Camel rest

17/03/2019 Travel, z-special

Camel rider, resting by the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt.


16/03/2019 Travel

Camel sitting on the ground in Cairo.

Cairo view

15/03/2019 Travel

Cairo – a view from Giza Pyramids complex, with a camel rider.

Cairo street wall

14/03/2019 Travel

Egyptian guy chilling by a wall on the streets of Cairo

Giza view

13/03/2019 Travel

A view with Giza complex, with the Sphinx in foreground and the Pyramids in background, in Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo bricks

12/03/2019 Travel

The crowded brick blocks of Cairo, in Egypt.

Cairo antennas

07/03/2019 Travel

Cairo antennas on a dusty block, in a crowded neighborhood.

Blue Mosque entrance

05/03/2019 Travel

Impressive entrance with Islamic inscription at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

San Nicola Piazza in Bari

04/03/2019 Travel

San Nicola Piazza entrance, in Bari, Italy

Bari palace

02/03/2019 Travel

Impressive architecture – a palace in Bari.

Bari church door

01/03/2019 Travel

The impressive gigantic door of a church in Bari, Italy.

Bari church

01/03/2019 Travel

Impressive giant facade of a catholic church in Bari

Bari arhitecture

27/02/2019 Travel

Typical view from the old city Bari, from the south-east coast of Italy, by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Bahai garden

26/02/2019 Travel

View from the beautiful Bahai Garden, in Haifa, Israel.

Ancient tower in Rhodes

25/02/2019 Travel

One of my favorite images is this one, with ancient tower in Rhodes, by the sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Greece.

Peles castle

23/02/2019 Travel

Situated in Sinaia, close to Bucegi Mountains, Peles castle is one of the most famous touristic destinations in Romania.

Sibiu silhouette

22/02/2019 Travel

The silhouette of Sibiu, one of the most beautiful towns of Transylvania.

Sighisoara windows

21/02/2019 Travel

Beautiful twin windows with hanging flowers in Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania.

Window light

18/02/2019 Travel

Beautiful light coming on an old window in Sighisoara, Romania

Sighisoara troubadours

18/02/2019 Travel

Troubadours singing at the annual Medieval Festival in Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania

Sighisoara tower view

18/02/2019 Travel

You cannot see in a regular picture how big the Tower of Sighisoara is, but only comapred to a big house like in this view.

Sighisoara tower details

18/02/2019 Travel

The main touristic attraction in Sighisoara is the Tower with its famous medieval clock.

Sighisoara street

18/02/2019 Travel

Beautiful arcade on a streed in Sighisoara.

Sighisoara old door

18/02/2019 Travel

Old door in the warm light of the sunset, in Sighisoara, Romania

Sighisoara facade

18/02/2019 Travel

Old facade in Sighisoara town, in Transylvania, Romania

Sighisoara church

18/02/2019 Travel

Church in Sighisoara, with impressive medieval architecture

Sibiu street

18/02/2019 Travel

Old street in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania

Sibiu passage

18/02/2019 Travel

A typical view in Transylvania towns, is the one with the narrow street passages.

Sibiu night street

18/02/2019 Travel

Nightscape on a street in the old town Sibiu, in Transylvania, Romania.

Braila Greek Church

18/02/2019 Travel

One of the most impressive buildings in Braila is the old Greek Church.