The first photo I ever took was in 1996 with an old Cmeha camera, in Macin Mountains, in Romania. Since then, a beautiful visual adventure had begun. I made the transition from film camera to digital compact cameras and then, in 2008 to DSLR cameras with Nikon D80. Most of my hobby photos were taken with this camera and later, when I had better cameras I did more photos for commercial use and for models. In 2010 I embarked as a cruise photographer and it was an amazing visual experience. I wish I had more time for my hobby photography on the destinations and I wish I would buy more cards to store my photos back then. After the cruises, I worked as an event photographer and product photographer.
This website is a collection of my visual journey in over 20 years of amateur and professional photography. This long time relationship with photography is leaving more space now for a new one: videography. So I thought I could put together my collection of visual stories on this photo website.

The photos on this website cannot be used without permission.

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